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Berlitz Open locker

Berlitz Open Locker

Perhaps you know that the renowned Berlitz Method® happened by sheer accident. Our founder, Maximilian D. Berlitz, was sick one day so a French teacher had to fill in and give a French class to English speaking students - the teacher knew no English. He improvised only using French and lively gestures. The students were enthusiastic and participated actively. The Berlitz Method® was born.

How many more "accidents" are happening in class at the moment that we can all share? We are sure that collaborating on and sharing our ideas will lead us to a better future. Berlitz Open Locker does just that. It's a space for teachers and students to share and collaborate and who knows innovate the next 'big thing' in language education.

 To cap it all any idea that Berlitz takes forward will be rewarded with 500 € or more.

Innovate with us at http://www.berlitzopenlocker.com