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Get Vocabu!

Vocabu - a digital vocabulary building tool  -  www.getvocabu.com

Simply add words to your own account and then Vocabu does the rest! 

Vocabu keeps the words in one place and also activates the words you want to learn in the shape and form of micro-multiple choice tests.

Vocabu also has many other social features such as the ability to follow others' word lists ("wordstreams") so that several people can learn together.

Any user can create a group and invite classmates or friends to start building vocab in most languages together!

Basically, whatever I add to my wordstream my friends can see. Many people prefer learning together and sharing their knowledge. Vocabu embraces this mantra.

Other features include:
Tracker: Set your goals and Vocabu will help you get there.
Clipper: Clip a word or phrase from any webpage straight into your wordstream
Badges: Unlock badges as your progess
Library: Add a wordset from our growing library

Start using Vocabu now!