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Global Adventure

With the Berlitz Global Adventure Program, learning English is a new discovery every day!

Children love to ask questions, investigate, solve mysteries. Why not help these inquisitive young minds apply this fascination to learning English in a fun and easy way?

Who is it for?

Berlitz Global Adventure is a four-level English-language program designed for kids aged 8-11. The program gives these inquisitive young minds the essential English language skills and knowledge they need to understand the world - whether it's the grassy hinterlands of Africa or the tall grass of their own backyards. All in a way that stimulates their imagination and curiosity.

  • Designed for children aged 8-11
  • Live instruction for an exciting learning experience
  • Student book, workbook, audio CD and accompanying multimedia activities
  • Exclusive access to the Berlitz Global Adventure Community (powered by Schoology)