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School Tutorial

Score a high grade! Exam prep, homework help or general improvement of language skills

Elementary and High School

Berlitz has great experience in teaching young learners of all ages; from Pre-School, Primary School to Secondary School. Our Kids & Teens instructors adapt the course to the child’s needs no matter if it is to prep for exams, help to improve grades, help with homework or just to help with their self-esteem in a certain language.

Exam prep

The exam preparation programs are designed and structured to prepare participants for school exams or tests such as Cambridge tests etc. Once you have reached the required level we prep for the exam or test that is requested. This in order to achieve the best possible results and competences for study purposes.

Quality Control

Berlitz handles all placement tests and assigns materials and programs to students based on their age, initial level and needs. The Berlitz instructors tailor the course to the students’ requirements. Students receive feedback during the course on how they are doing in order to motivate them to reach their goals. At the end of the course, students get a certificate and a progress report that includes their overall grades.

The Berlitz Method®

When using the Berlitz Method®, the content of the classes, during the first learning stages, focus on acquiring basic vocabulary and simple phrases in the foreign language. Since all grammatical rules are introduced and practiced methodically, each structure helps to build up to the next one. To further strengthen their language skills, structures they have already acquired are reviewed and combined with others. In this way, their development of vocabulary and phrases is significant and useful in practice.

To get more information about the programs and options contact your local Berlitz center for a private talk regarding your needs.


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