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Berlitz Testing Services

Do you need to assess your foreign language skills?

It is often necessary to be able to get a good overview of certain employees' knowledge of languages and communication skills.

 Whether it is to increase their effectiveness within the company by employing this know-how for a specific purpose, or because you plan to take targeted training measures in the future, Berlitz Testing delivers high-precision results in the shortest possible time.

The Berlitz Online Placement Test gives you a first impression of your language skills in only 30-35 minutes. Free of charge.

Online Placement Test

Prepare for your Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC etc. test with one of our trained instructors and improve your chances of a great result.

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Assess the skills of your new employee. Live test of speaking over the phone; online tests of listening and reading; physical test of writing.

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Find the right concept depending on the requirements and scope of the test. Contact one of our consultants to obtain more information or to book the right test for you, your candidate or your employees.


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